Van texas

On dialysis & going strong

On dialysis & going strong



The Mx-1Mansizer has change me

and my husband's life.I have seen 

tremendous fitness improvements. He was dealing with issues of low sex drive,

no stamina and endurance issues as well.his semen volume was low, soft erections & not being able to stay up,

No thickness, and not much length.

After 7 months of having this product OMG is all I can say..We have sex all

the time much as we can.That thickness and length is everything.When I'm

jacking him off it shoots up everywhere. When we are having sex I can feel his penis rubbing up against the walls of my vagina to the point where I'm squirting all over him, it's a wonderful wonderful feeling.. He has so much energy that it's crazy. He is staying hard during sex and ready for more rounds afterwards... Thank you so much for bringing me & my husband's love life back together with this amazing product.. May the makers of the Mx-1Mansizer continue to enhance thru exercise and fitness to improve couples lives everywhere!helps ed great exercise techniques love it..

(Happy wife) Mrs. L.T. from Van, Tx.

On dialysis & going strong

On dialysis & going strong

On dialysis & going strong


IMPROVING HIS SIZE & PERFORMANCE  WHILE ON DIALYSIS!! Mx-1 Mansizer!  Another success story!!! I'm B.J. and I purchased the Mx-1 mansizer directly from the hands of the creator and I've tried over five different  products to help me with my  medical issues with no success.It started when I got sick after having two strokes, and two bouts with dialysis.My beautiful Wife never said anything or complained about my package but I know after five kids- Four babymomma's & my medical issues I've realized that I'm not the guy I used to be.Now after 7 months of experimenting and utilizing different wearing techniques using the mx-1 mansizer I am now seeing results & rewards of wearing this product as a regimine ;I can take off my boxers and be proud of my manhood dangling between my legs,Especially on the weekend with no treatments I have also seen extra girth and better blood flow that improved my stamina .I'm very happy with these results and want to thank my man Dale Lane/Goldfinger for creating such a nice product.  SATISFIED: BJ happy in Dallas Tx.

Im bigger and better

On dialysis & going strong

I was skeptic but now im a believer!


"Great job MX-1" "I am 37 years old, I have had at LEAST 17 sex partners, I was only 5.2 inches IN LENGTH, 5.3


And after 4 months of using the MX-1, I am well over 7 inches and 5.6 in girth. My sex life has

gone to new heights ..even some sex partners from the past say the difference gives them

bigger and stronger orgasms.I thought size really did not matter... well I was dead wrong.

I don't have to work as hard or as long to get my sex partner to get wet or get multiple orgasms,

in the past it was very time consuming and sometimes they faked it..thanks MX-1 YOU GUYS


CRAIG: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I was skeptic but now im a believer!

I was skeptic but now im a believer!

I was skeptic but now im a believer!


All Mx-1 mansizer testimonials are real people!!! Another proud owner!! Fellas, I was one to think I never needed anything to enhance my love life, but after trying the MX1 mansizer for the first time it was incredible! I was skeptic at first but the ceo said mike just try it and I did. Best decision I ever made! I began to notice stronger ejaculations after only a few weeks into wearing the mx-1 and around a month of wearing the device i noticed i was getting very thick and my penis began to hang and feel alot heavier. I could stay erect much longer than usual and i have so much stamina along with endurance.My sex time went from 15-20 minutes to 40-45 minutes and my package never went limp even after ejaculation i would waste no time in getting hard again and (omg) i never experienced the moans and leg shaking tremors that goes on now during sex! only after 2-3 months of wearing the Mx-1 mansizer i knew this was the best decision of my life.Around 4 months of wearing the Mx-1 i went from 7 inches to 8.5 inches and the girth is amazing.I have better sex today than when i was in my 20's and i go alot longer in the bedroom.TO BE HONEST I FEEL LIKE THE MAN! AND BELIEVE ME NOW MY CONFIDENCE IS THRU THE ROOF! IF YOU WANT TO IMPROVE YOUR SIZE, STAMINA AND ENDURANCE ALONG WITH POWERFUL EJACULATIONS THERES NOTHING LIKE THE Mx-1! I'm proud to say I'm an proud owner of the Mx-1 Mansizer!



I was skeptic but now im a believer!



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A little over 9 months and the transformation is amazing! The  ladies can't stop looking!

I just did the exercise regimen along with wearing the Mx-1

It took a little over 7 months and the transformation is amazing! It's funny how men think size doesn't matter well let me tell you that's a lie, women that has never given me attention is all over me now, one even asked could she touch it! Not  your average women im talking some of the best in my town! Mx1mansizer got my approval. The product flatout works. Follow your exercise regimen and just wear the mx1 and you're on your way to bigger fuller penis.

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